“I absolutely love this true to life portrait of my boy, because it captures his very essence. Thank you for producing such a masterpiece of my Latimer. It means the world to me.”


- Leni


“I love and miss my dog Cleo. This is a beautiful memory.”


- Patricia


Oh, my goodness!! I absolutely love what you did with Mr. B.Thank you so much!! I am very excited to add this to my collection.

PS I have 2 more orders coming for you!! Again, thank you so much. He looks beautiful and so lifelike it almost makes me want to cry.”


- Pamela


“That is sooooooo beautiful. ....you do an amazing job and create awesome Memories....I will keep sharing on FB and will order Waldo's pic bigger and have our 2 Horses done also.....thanks so much for doing what you do.... ”


- Dagmar


“This is my Alex you have captured him perfectly. Amazing work!!!!!!LOVE IT” Christle

“I am so thrilled with how this picture came out! Nina is gone now, but thanks to Andy's Paw Prints, her radiant spirit shines on!! I never thought the original photo could get any better- but WOW, this is fabulous!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

A very very very very happy customer ”


- Christine


“I will be contacting you at a later date to order several future Christmas 2015 prints. These are just awesome!”


- Debby


“all dogs should be so loved!”


- Cherie


“I can't believe how this picture is so amazing even after many months! We have received so many compliments on this and the other ones we had done!”


- Janet


“This is my beautiful baby boy...Buddy.

Thank you Andy's Paw Prints

 If you love your pet you will have one of these made ”


- Denise


“Love it!”


- Meghan


“She's just lovely!! Turned out great ... thank you!”


- Pamela


"I received my artwork today and lovelovelove it. The true-to-life digital portrait is so much better than I expected. This was one of the last photos of our beloved senior pom rescue, Ruckus (the great) and we will cherish this beautiful portrait for years to come. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!"


- Anita


“Some friends of mine had this made for me in memory of my beloved Bandit who passed this past January 2015. The picture is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for making such amazing pieces of art memorializing our companions. This will be displayed for everyone to see.”


- Leanne


“I could stare at this for hours....stunning!”


- Jill


“You have captured my boy perfectly,I LOVE IT!!!!!!”


- Alex


"You guys are so fast. I did this last night and its already shipped. I'm like a kid on Christmas waiting for it to arrive."


- Joshua


“This company is AWESOME,will respond to anything you need in a timely fashion don't get that to often!!!!!Check them out.”


- Christle


"I love this website. The artwork is so wonderful, I LOVE the pop art! Warm, caring folks who really are genuine, animal loving souls. NOW, if only I could pick a photo...."


- Trace


"Thank you Sherry! Your support for the entire rescue community is so appreciated. I've enjoyed every second of working with you and your talented husband!"


- Ashley


“I am in love with this artwork and the fact that a animal charity gets a donation is even better. I want to make one for all 5 of my dogs. Incredible.”


- Wendy


“Your art work is Absolutely beautiful. RVR Horse Rescue really appreciates your donations.”


- Barb


“Love what you guys do!!!”


- Shawn


"Hearts of gold. Thank you Tim and Sherry for everything you do. You are lifesavers to the animal organization community and to people everywhere who wish to keep their memories of their babies alive too. And thank you cute Andy too."


- Kristin



"Amazing work they do. Their artwork is phenomenal, you can see by the pictures alone they capture the true inner and outer beauty of the dogs, cats etc. I know one dog, an older foster, got his picture done and how I found Andy's Paw Prints. He's a gorgeous dude but looking into those eyes and face, it really captured Jack, the Jack I knew when I fostered him. I could feel it in my heart and it gave me goosebumps. And then even more so when I learned about their mission and their dedication to help pets and others. This is a great gift for just about anyone, but those who have everything and you just can't think of what else they would need? This certainly could be it and even a little extra gift knowing part of the proceeds go to help organizations in need. Sometime, I will order and have one of my babies done!"


- Kristen


"Good morning Sherry,


"First off I would like to thank you not only for my order, but for the amazing customer service and dedication to me being a customer. For always replying back to emails, and helping as best as you could with my million questions lol. I got my order yesterday, and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I am so completely in love with it, and as mentioned it is a gift for my mother in law, I know for a fact she will cry tears of joy with this lol. Thank you very much for everything! You have one happy customer!! And I recommend you to everyone :). Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy new year! "


- Ashley


"I expected beautiful but this portrait is so much more. Not only did you capture Baileys beauty but also his spirit.

I love this portrait.It shows incredible work.

I was drawn to your website knowing you also contribute donations to rescue organizations..A win win situation all the way around.


Thank You."


- Kathleen


"Hi Sherry,

I absolutely LOVE Baileys portrait...I was expecting beautiful but this image far surpasses that. It not only captured Baileys beauty but his spirit as well..Thank you so much."


- Kathleen


"OMG!! I just received my email of my German Shepherd on Rustic, and it looks awesome!! I love that you added hints of pink since it represents her two year battle from breast cancer. I cannot wait when it gets here."


- Kristine


"Hi! I just want to say we got the picture of the white lab Tucker amd WE LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!!! The dogs joy was captured perfectly!  Oh my goodness I can not wait for my picture!  :) For my XMAS present mom is ordering a art piece of my pug!  I already know im going to LOVE it!!!!!

Thank you so much!!!

You guys are so amazing!

I hope you have a wonderful day!"


- Noelle


"Thank you so much for the True to Life canvas of Mom's cat Patches! She's gonna love her Christmas gift this year! Thank you for the excellent communication and fast shipping!"


- Kimberly


"I've never met your family, but you and your husband have helped me in my greaving process with your beautiful art work"


- Jessica


"I absolutely love their artwork! I had the pop art done last year and just ordered my true -to-life digital painting. It turned out awesome. Can't wait to get it!"


- Amanda


"Extremely happy with my purchase of a true to life portrait. It came out beautiful and captures my dogs essence wonderfully. We have it displayed in our living room and get constant compliments on it!"


- Leanne


"Such a beautiful way to see my sweet baby who has passed remembered in my home. I love it!"


- Stephanie


"Awesome! I love it! Super fast. Great communication and they help rescues and other organizations!"


- Joshua


"I got my portrait in the mail today of my little girl tillie and wow it is way more than I expected. I can't Thank you enough. If someone out there is second guessing whether to do this or not trust me it is so worth the money! I llllllllooooooovvvvvee it! "


- Tammy


 "I just got my 16 X 20 portraits of my 2 pit bulls!!! I lost my boy BJ 2 years ago and the portrait they did of him came out gorgeous, he was only 6 1/2 years old when he died, gone to soon!!! The portrait of BJ is breathtaking, I have recommended your website to my family and friends. The portrait of my new pit Bella, came out absolutely beautiful, she looks so full of life!! I'm currently trying to get better pictures together so I can have others done!!! You do fantastic work, thank you for giving me perfect memories of both my babies!!!"


- Josephine


"This company rocks it big time!"


- Jim


"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the portrait. It's gorgeous and captures Heidi's spirit and essence. We have it hanging in our living room and get constant compliments. I have been passing your info along. I think what you do is wonderful, involving all of the rescues and charities. Feel free to use Heidi's image/portrait in any promotional items or any way you see fit if the need arises.


We hope to order again soon,"


- Leanne


"Absolutely gorgeous. Your work is phenomenal."


- Jamie


 "Beautiful and Amazing workmanship"


- Debbie


"Just got my order! Second time using your services and surely being using you again. Sherry is great to work with. Very helpful and quick to get back to you. "


- Maryanne


"This company is AWESOME,will respond to anything you need in a timely fashion don't get that to often!!!!!Check them out"


- Christle



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