Requirements to be an Andy's Paw Prints Partner

  1. We ask you to fill out the electronic form below so we have contact information and know how to send you your donations.
  2. We request you share posts on your Facebook Page of our partnership and any custom portraits you benefited from. Sharing and getting the word out is how you can grow your donations. (Ask your followers to share as well.)
  3. If possible we would like to have a link added to your website.

That's it!

We know you're busy running a shelter and we've tried to make it as easy as possible. However the more you can get the word out the more donations you will receive.

Electronic Partner Form


Once we receive this information please allow 24 hours for us to set you up.  Once we have you set up in our system we will send you a welcome email with the partner fliers for you to share on Facebook.


If you have any questions you can email Sherry at


We are an on-line business, so all communications will be through email. Keeping in touch through email helps us make sure nothing falls through the cracks and we have documentation of our conversations. Both of us work outside the home so this we've found is the best way for us to keep in touch with customers and partners.

Click below to download a PDF of our Partner Form. Once you have the information for the form you can enter it in the Electronic Partner Form link above.

Printable Partner Form .pdf