About Us

Tim is the Artist at Andy's Paw Prints and his wife Sherry takes care of all the customer service

Andy's Paw Prints is a family run business with three goals. First to help people grieve the loss of a pet. Secondly to help animals in shelters and rescues. And lastly to bring joy into people's lives with a fun piece of art.


Andy's Paw Prints consists of, Tim Wemple the pet artist at Andy's Paw Prints, and Sherry, handles all the customer service part of the business and Sherrie our amazing volunteer who handles social media. Oh, and we can't forget the dogs and cat; Andy, Andre, Preslee, Cooper and Smokey who constantly remind us why we do what we do. The goal from the very beginning of our business has been to help people grieve the loss of their pet and at the same time help shelters and rescues care for animals. We named the business after our own rescue dog Andy, who we adopted from the Joplin Humane Society after the Joplin tornado.


Both of us come from very different backgrounds than rescues and shelters. Tim is a Medical Technologist with over thirty years of experience and Sherry was a Banker with nearly twenty-nine years of customer service experience. What we both had in common when it came to rescues and shelters was a deep desire to make a difference in pet's lives.


Andy's Paw Prints was born out of a late-night conversation we had about our dog Lily who had died of cancer several years earlier. Sherry wanted to get an artistic pet portrait of her beloved Lily. She said she had found an artist online and wanted to see if he could create a portrait from her photograph. I said, "Sure". But after corresponding with the artist we decided it was just too expensive. The next question was, could I create one for us. As well as being a Medical Technologist, photographer and Photoshop guru by some people's account, it wasn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. I had passed up a scholarship in high school to go to school for art and chose a medical career instead. At the time it seemed like a much safer choice. But I had never lost my love of art and was always dabbling with it on the side. Knowing how much my wife wanted the portrait I told her I would try. After a few months of perfecting my technique in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I came up with what is now our signature style, the Pop Art Digital Illustration style.


At about the same time I created my wife's portrait of Lily, she was volunteering at the Joplin Human Society. Every night we had multiple conversations about what we could do to help. Sherry realized during her time volunteering that the need was overwhelming. We knew we could donate, but we wanted to do something that could be sustained, not just an occasional donation. The thought was maybe we could use pet portraits like the one I had just created to help raise money for the shelter. There wasn't much thought about this being anything more than just a small sideline activity that we could use to help, but it grew into so much more. It wasn't long before we had other shelters asking if we could donate to them as well.


Feeling a loyalty to the Joplin Humane Society though we felt a need to ask Lysa, the director at the time, if she would care if we branched out to help other shelters and rescues. Lysa said, "By all means, help every pet you can." So Andy's Paw Prints moved from just helping the Joplin Humane Society to helping a few other shelters and rescues as well. Our dream of helping pets in need was growing faster than we could have ever imagined. It was taking up every spare moment we had to keep up with the orders. When social media was added to our business it became evident that this could become a business that could make a major difference in people and pets lives.


There were two principles we wanted to make sure were always had as a part of our business. First we wanted to make sure people could afford a custom pet portrait. We knew the heart break of losing a pet and we also knew the deep disappointment of not being able to afford a portrait. So we wanted to keep our cost as low as possible and yet high enough that we could help animals in need. We also wanted to make our business one that didn't just do fund raisers, or short term donations, but one that gave 365 days a year. So from the very beginning we have donate 25% of our profit with EVERY portrait we sell, every day of the year. Our goals and principles have taken us a long way. Our website now has been visited by over 90 countries and we are helping over 300 shelters and rescues in the US and Canada. That number is constantly growing as we keep trying to find ways to satisfy our customers desires and give to our partners.


Andy and his mom Sherry
Tim and his pals Andre, Andy and Olivia
Olivia and Andre
Sherry at the river with Olivia, Andre and Shadow
My favorite picture of my wife. It shows off her great personality.
Our sweet boy Andy who we named the business after. He is s Joplin Tornado survivor.
Lily was the dog my wife wanted the portrait done and consequently was the start of Andy's Paw Prints
Tim the Pet Artist and Photographer at Andy's Paw Prints
Andy with his dad at work